Corporate Profile

Gobind Sugar Mills Limited (GSML), one of the earliest companies in the Group, is a leading Sugar Manufacturing Company in India, situated at Aira- the sugar bowl region of the country, Lakhimpur Kheri District of Uttar Pradesh. GSML has access to three sugarcane producing districts viz. Lakhimpur-Kheri, Sitapur and Bahraich for sugarcane procurement, which sums up to a total of 40,000 hectares of sugarcane cultivable area. GSML has upgraded itself with new technology, which enables the unit to crush 10,000 tons of Sugarcane per day.

GSML ventured into producing Sulphur Free refined sugar from 2017 and the Plant is capable of producing 500 TPD (tons per day) of Double Refined pharmaceutical and food grade sugar. Apart from selling the finished product, GSML is also involved in production and sale of numerous by products of Sugar.

The plant produces 500 tonnes of molasses every day which GSML in turn is selling. GSML produces 3,000 tonnes of bagasse every day and it is being used as a biofuel to generate green electricity by burning dry bagasse to produce steam which is used to rotate turbines to produce power. The ashes produced from burnt bagasse are also used as organic manure. GSML also intends to set up a facility to use the waste products of sugar manufacturing during the purification of sugar, to produce bio-fertilisers.

GSML is successfully producing green energy via the Co-Generation Power Plant situated within the establishment. The power plant promotes significant usage of renewable energy sources by using bagasse as its primary source of power production. The steam extracted from Turbo Generators is diverted towards sugar processing. The co-generation plant is also selling 22 Mega Watts of power every day to the state of Uttar Pradesh with minimal carbon footprint as compared to conventional sources of power generation.

GSML is on its way of installing a state-of-art Distillery Plant which would be capable of producing multiple products like Ethanol, Rectified Spirit and Extra Neutral Alcohol. The Plant will also use distillery waste (spent wash) as a fuel, thereby effectively making the plant a Zero Liquid Discharge facility. In its new avatar, GSML is raring to touch new horizons as it gears up to begin the era of intelligent innovation with renewed vigour and unparalleled enthusiasm.

Vision :

To be a responsible agri-processing player and converting waste into renewable energy.

Mission :

Creating a sustainable environment for the farmers and contributing to the growth of local rural economy.