Farmer Welfare

Gobind Sugar Mills Ltd (GSML) has undertaken numerous initiatives for the welfare of farmers

GSML has implemented SIS-Sugarcane Information System which enables digital management of sugarcane procurement and payment release for farmers. Database of cane growers is being maintained digitally and changes are made as per requirement. Farmer has the access to information relating to type and mode of supply and can request for change in personal details or bank details accordingly.

Farmers can avail free soil testing facility at the GSML Soil Labratory. Soil testing reports are given to the farmers with details on the deficiencies and the inputs required along with the prescribed quantity, which is helping the farmers with cost optimization on fertilizer.

GSML enable farmers to purchase agro input materials via Jai Kisaan Junctions, operated by Adventz Group. The money can be directly deducted from the amount of money deposited against cane supply.

GSML has identified KisaanMitras (Farmer Friends/volunteers) to provide support to the farmers. These KisaanMitras are entrusted with duty to disperse information and awareness about new techniques and methods to increase yield and agriculture returns. They are entrusted to update the farmers with the results and information derived from the model Sugarcane farming facility, which practiced inside GSML establishment. Meetings are organized by the field staff, under the supervision of vice President of Cane Unit, throughout the year with sugarcane farmers.