Sugar Mill

Gobind Sugar Mills Limited (GSML) upgraded the sugarcane crushing capacity to 10,000 TCD in 2016. GSML is one of the leading industrial establishment in the State of Uttar Pradesh, which is armed with excellent resources and advanced technology. GSML catering to the production of finest quality of sugar products. The plant started manufacturing refined Sugar from 2016.

Co-Generation Power Plant

The energy management of the plant has been enhanced with the addition of one 150 TPH, 110 ATA high pressure boiler and 30.85 MW GE extraction cum condensing Turbine Generator. The power plant promotes significant usage of renewable energy sources using bagasse, a fibrous sugarcane residue as its primary source of power production. The steam extracted from Turbo Generators is diverted towards sugar processing.

Distillery Plant :

Gobind Sugar Mills Limited is one of the oldest yet most modern sugar mills of India. Until last year, it was a sugar and power unit. In order to exploit the value of its byproduct called molasses. The Company embarked on setting up a 100 KLPD Ethanol Distillery Plant. The project is complete and with effect from December 1st, 2019 the commercial production has started. The plant is capable of producing Ethanol from C-Molasses, B-Heavy Molasses as well as sugarcane juice directly. The Distillery Plant has a captive 4MW Cogeneration unit, which uses the waste product fermentation (called slop) as a fuel, in the specially designed incineration boiler, thereby achieving Zero-Liquid Discharge status.